2016 Kidding Schedule
Our registered Alpine Charity was bred to our registered Saanen buck Rupee.
Charity had one huge doeling on May 9th. She will be retained here on our farm.

LLuiza was bred to Rupee. On April 28 she had 2 doelings and 1 buckling. 1 doeling is retained. The buckling has been wethered. The other two are available. The kids are separate from Lluiza each night for 12 hours. After 12 hours, Lluiza gives 1 gallons of delicious milk. Lluiza has a very large utter and is an easy milker. $500 doeling. $250 wether. $700 for both.

Becky, who is 50% Alpine/50% Saanen, was bred to Rufus, our registered Alpine buck. She kidded on June 8, with a beautiful doeling. She is retained.

We have one unregistered and intact Boer buck for sale. He did not preform is buckly duties so he is strickly for meat or companion. Boris is well over 100 pounds and would make a wonderful addition to your farm or freezer. $275.IMG_9036 IMG_9061 IMG_9104IMG_9348 IMG_9378 IMG_9388